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    Child Theology in an African Context: A Focus on Children With Disability
    (Child Theology movement, 2013-11) Banja, Olivia Nassaka
    This paper is focused on child theology in the African context with particular reference to children with a disability. It attempts to answer three major questions: What is the African perception of children with disability? What does the Bible say about disability? How can the church in Africa bring children with disability into the centre of her ministry? To answer these questions this paper discusses the African worldview on children with disability, the common types of child disability in Africa, the Bible and disability and concludes with a discussion on the approaches to child theology and disability in Africa.
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    50 Years of Shared Responsibility with God-called Women in the Church of the Province of Uganda
    (Uganda Christian University, 2017-05) Byaruhanga, Christopher
    This is a Keynote address on the 50 Years of Shared Responsibility with God-called Women in the Church of the Province of Uganda
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    An overview of African christian research
    (Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life Stellenbosch University, 2012) Byaruhanga, Christopher
    The African Church has a compelling, creative and - sometimes - complex story to share with the worldwide church. African Christian research is a vital component in the telling of that story. The way in which that story is told is one of the most important components of African Christian research. One of the fundamental errors of researchers today is that they are telling the story of African Christianity “as if the Christian Church were in Africa, but not of Africa.” This presentation posits that to be meaningful and empowering, African Christian research must, of necessity, include African thought and ideas from inception through completion to the implementation of recommendations arising from the research.
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    Essential approaches to Christian religious education: Learning and teaching
    (2018-03) Byaruhanga, Christopher
    Since the 19th century, Christian religious education as it is known today has been part of the Ugandan panorama. It began in Uganda with the arrival of the Anglican and Catholic missionaries in 1877 and 1879 respectively. The missionaries emphasized that education should be regulated by the church. Reading Centers, which eventually were transformed into formal schools, were established in every place where a mission station was opened. The expansion of mission schools in Uganda was quite dramatic, and both Church Missionary Society (CMS) and Roman Catholic missionaries were at the center stage of this development. Although the missionaries were against the establishment of a Christian state in Uganda, they wanted Uganda to be a Christian nation.