Child Theology in an African Context: A Focus on Children With Disability

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Child Theology movement
This paper is focused on child theology in the African context with particular reference to children with a disability. It attempts to answer three major questions: What is the African perception of children with disability? What does the Bible say about disability? How can the church in Africa bring children with disability into the centre of her ministry? To answer these questions this paper discusses the African worldview on children with disability, the common types of child disability in Africa, the Bible and disability and concludes with a discussion on the approaches to child theology and disability in Africa.
This conference paper focuses focus on children with disability
Child Theology, Children with disability, African child
Banja, Olivia Nassaka. Child theology in an African context: a focus on children with disability. Third Africa consultation on child theology Addis Ababa Ethiopia 11th to 15 November, 2013. Child Theology movement.