Forms and Determinants of Domestic Violence: Acase of Pregnant Women in Mukono Municipality-Uganda

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Uganda Christian University
Background: Domestic violence against women is a common occurrence all over the world. It cuts across age, ethnicity, religion and educational barriers (Brown ridge, 2009) Domestic violence can take various forms: it can be physical, psychological or sexual. Domestic violence during pregnancy is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes such as low birth weight, spontaneous abortion, bleeding during pregnancy, preterm Labor, preterm delivery and higher neonatal death (WHO/UNAID, 2010) In a study done in Rakai district of Uganda, 30% of the women had experienced physical threats or physical abuse from their current partners but there is no information about DV particularly in pregnancy, a vulnerable stage in woman’s life. Objective of the study: This study is intended to determine forms and associated factors of domestic violence among pregnant women in Mukono municipality Methods: This study was among the pregnant women. Across sectional study employing a mixed method research design. It utilized both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. Qualitative research methods were utilized mainly because of the need for an in-depth understanding of social phenomenon using flexible methods such as interview, Semi-structured and open ended questions while quantitative method was applied to explain the qualitative data