Assessing the effectiveness of Decentralised Human Resource Function in improving Health Service Delivery in Mukono Health Center 1V

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Uganda Christian University
The study assessed the effectiveness of decentralized human resource function in improving health service delivery in Mukono Health Center IV. It specifically focused on, establishing the effectiveness of recruitment autonomy on the quality of health service delivery in MHC IV, examining the effectiveness of career management control on the quality of health service delivery in MHC IV and establishing the effectiveness of performance management on the quality of health service delivery in MHC IV. The study was carried out using a cross-sectional survey research design where quantitative research approach was also used. The data was collected using questionnaires during the data collection, stratified sampling method was used. A sample size of 36 staff members of MHC IV was also used in the study. The study findings reveal significant correlations between recruitment autonomy (r = .653**, p < .05), career management control (r = .699**, p < .05), and performance management (r = .705**, p < .05) with the quality of health service delivery at MHC IV. Regression analyses further confirm the importance of these factors, showing significant coefficients for recruitment autonomy (β = 0.201, p = 0.000), career management control (β = 0.251, p = 0.000), and performance management (β = 0.323, p = 0.000), underscoring their critical roles in enhancing service delivery effectiveness. Lastly, the study recommends the need for MHC IV to enhance recruitment autonomy by refining the process to align with local healthcare needs, strengthen career management control by empowering staff in career development, maintain performance management practices for clear expectations and feedback, integrate performance incentives based on objective measures, and ensure supervisors are adequately trained to support staff. These measures collectively aim to improve service quality, foster a supportive work environment, and promote continuous improvement in healthcare delivery at MHC IV.