Effects of the Watoto Child Sponsorship Programs on Education Attainment Among Children Under Watoto Child Care Ministries

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Uganda Christian University
The study examined the effects of the Watoto child sponsorship programs on education attainment among children under Watoto Child Care Ministries. It specifically focused on; establishing the influence of financial aid on education attainment among children, examining the influence of mentorship on education attainment among children and finding out the influence of community involvement on education attainment among children under Watoto Child Care Ministries. The study was carried out using a cross-sectional survey research design where both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were also used. The data was collected using questionnaires and interviews during the data collection, both purposive and simple random sampling methods were used. A sample size of 80 children that have benefited from the program and 10 program implementers was also used in the study. From the study findings, it was revealed that the Watoto child sponsorship program significantly enhances educational attainment among children through financial aid, mentorship, and community involvement. Financial aid alleviates financial burdens, ensuring school attendance and improving academic performance (r = .568**, p < .05; β = 0.351, t = 8.869, p = 0.000). Mentorship provides personalized guidance and motivational support, fostering essential life skills and academic success (r = .473**, p < .05; β = 0.303, t = 8.264, p = 0.000). Community involvement creates a supportive environment, expands resources, and promotes collaborative efforts, contributing to positive educational outcomes (r = .367**, p < .05; β = 0.214, t = 2.423, p = 0.000). Lastly, the study recommended enhancing financial aid, strengthening mentorship programs, increasing community involvement, implementing regular assessment mechanisms, and scaling up the Watoto child sponsorship program. These measures aim to ensure comprehensive educational support, personalized guidance, community engagement, effective evaluation, and expanded reach, thereby improving educational attainment and socio-economic development.