Addressing the Communication Gap in Organisations, a Case Study of Mercy Child Care Ministry

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Uganda Christian University
The main purpose of this research was to understand why there is a gap in communication among Mercy Child Care Ministry (MCCM) staff and what could be done to fix this communication gap. However, this research project was also one of the requirements for the partial fulfilment of my Master’s Degree in Organisational Leadership and Management. Knowing that effective communication is a very vital tool for any two people, organization or company, if they are to thrive, even the bible says, “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” 1 This research was therefore aimed at getting insight into what is done currently in Mercy Childcare Ministry to effect communication, what brings about the gap in communication or where is the challenge and what can be done to bridge this gap to ensure effective communication within the ministry. These research findings will not only help MCCM but will help several other organizations with internal communication gaps to get better at what they do. A total number of 100 respondents were interviewed and it was discovered that relying on one major mode of communication that is use of social media particularly WhatsApp was not as efficient as it seems in communication, it was suggested that this mode of communication be backed up with others like an SMS, or phone call just to ensure that all information gets down to the final user and in time.