Incentive Management and Teachers’ Job Commitment in Secondary Schools in Ngora District

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Uganda Christian University
the purpose of this study was to establish how incentive management influences the teachers job commitment in the selected secondary schools in Ngora District. the researcher used across section survey design with both qualitative and quantitative research methods. a total of 118 respondents were used in this study and these included 05 head teachers, 05 chairpersons BOG, 05 chairpersons PTA, o5 deputy headteachers and 98 teachers. purposive sampling together with simple random sampling were used to select this respondents. self administered questionnaires and interview schedules were used as data collection instruments. research findings indicate that there is a positive relationship between incentives and the performance of secondary school teachers in the government aided schools because incentives lead to better task performance, encourage teachers to achieve set goals and make teachers feel proud of their school. study findings also showed that there are great effects of financial and non financial incentives on the performance of teachers because they lead to high productivity, increased job stability, reduced teacher absenteeism and encourages personal growth. it was also revealed that there is a great relationship between teachers job satisfaction and students performance in government aided secondary schools in Ngora District. based on the above findings, it was recommended that schools should properly manage teachers incentives if their job commitment is to be enhanced.
Masters dissertation.