The Influence of Pentecostal Preaching on the Growth of Faith Among Christian Youth in Kampala City-Diocese of Kampala

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Uganda Christian University
The study assessed the influence of Pentecostal preaching on the growth of faith among Christian youth in Kampala city-diocese of Kampala. The purpose of the study was to assess spiritual growth in faith of youth based on true and genuine worship as established by the Bible. This was further achieved by the objectives of the study which were; to establish the nature of preaching in the Pentecostal churches, to analyze the effects (positive & negative) of Pentecostal Preaching to the youth and to assess the contribution of Pentecostal preaching to the growth of faith of the youths. This study was carried in the Diocese of Kampala and in some of the Pentecostal churches that are in Kampala city. Research findings showed that a good number of pastors do not always refer to the scriptures. They refer to scriptures rarely or occasionally. That the nature of preaching is motivational, not necessarily on the kingdom of God because they have to make sure that the Christians are empowered economically. There are effects both positive and negative by these churches that; the churches have kept the youths involved in church and at least they are not involved in illegal activities as it would have been. On the other hand, The Pentecostal churches do not have a system of teaching and mentoring pastors so as to control hem just like the Anglican and Catholic Churches do. The Pentecostal type of preaching has made the youth to think that those praying in the Anglican or Catholic Church are not born again. It was recommended that Traditional churches should create projects which will empower the youths so that they do not move to other churches because they may get a job there. That traditional churches should be involved fully in community empowerment. This would help the youths to be stable other than looking for miracles from other churches. That the Church should also respond to current needs of having a vibrant church that rhymes with scripture. They should blend so that the youth can feel embraced. That the interreligious council of Uganda should see that the Pentecostal churches at least have a theme running throughout the year so that it minimizes on preaching whatever everyone wants to deliver. And that the interreligious council should make sure that it is a must for pastors to go to a recognized institution for theological training so that they are equipped.
Masters dissertation.