How the Mindsets of Youths in Rumbek Can Be Changed to Use Social Media Effectively

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Uganda Christian University
The main aim or purpose for this action research was to explore how the mindsets of youths in Rumbek can be changed to use social media effectively. It was also a part of the Research Methods’ course requirement, which culminates into learning on how to write the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) Program’s final dissertation. Rumbek is the capital of Lakes State, central South Sudan, and the former capital of the country, where the study was based. Given the background that youths are the majority in our society and the country – South Sudan as a whole, youths are also majority users of social media. It has been realized that youths are misusing social media mostly. This action research aimed at understanding the factors that are driving youths to misuse social media and what would possibly have to be done to make them change their perception on its usage so as to make them use it more effectively and productively. Some of the data collection methods or tools used to conduct this research were: Survey and Focus Group Discussions (FGD), which were used to get information from the target population within Rumbek. The research targeted a total of 34 respondents for survey and 10 respondents for two FGDs of which each group contained five respondents. Sampling strategies employed to select the respondents included: simple random sampling and purpose or judgment sampling. The research found out that most youths use Facebook as a media platform. It is mostly used by the youths where they login once, twice or severally in a day to chat and get news’ updates globally. The research findings indicated that youths are misusing social media mostly in Rumbek due to many factors categorized as political, economic and social. Lack of parental care and poor media regulation under jurisdiction of the Government also allowed youths to misuse social media. In perspectives of conclusions of my research, social media should be regulated and youths should be guided and oriented to use it responsibly and productively not only for socialization, but as well as prosperity and development of the nation. Providing employment opportunities to engage youths in productive works should be taken care of by the Government as one of its priorities in providing such opportunities to the youths.