An Assessment of Effects of Financial Management Practices on Christian Giving in Binyiny Archdeaconry Diocese of Sebei

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Uganda Christian University
This study assessed the effects of financial management practices on Christian giving in Binyiny Archdeaconry Diocese of Sebei Church of Uganda. This particular study aimed at examining the financial management practices, their effects on Christian giving and what the church has done to correct the management challenges that exist. The researcher used a sampling method and self-administered questionnaires to a sample of 47(forty-seven) respondents of which only 38 (thirty-eight) responded representing 85.85% of the total population who included one archdeacon four parish priests, twelve lay readers, five treasurers, five heads of laity. Five Fathers union chairpersons, five mothers’ union chairpersons and five youth chairpersons. The research also made a theological reflection on the topic financial management practices and it’s finding showed poor financial practices in Binyiny Archdeaconry Diocese of Sebei COU with an average compliance to financial management was just 20.18%. This findings concluded that there are poor financial management practices and the church was responding but poorly which has could be attributed to the low levels of giving in Binyiny Archdeaconry Diocese of Sebei Church of Uganda. The research made observation and recommended that the church ensures proper financial management practices in place and also explore other causes of the low levels of giving like teachings on giving.
Masters dissertation.