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Africa policy Centre. Uganda Christian University
Like the rest of the world, Uganda is suffering its share of economic disruption because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some lockdown policies, used as safety measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus, are still in place after four months. As a result, schools are closed, churches are closed, bars are closed, many people have lost their jobs, and many small business owners are struggling to get back on their feet, and even the big institutions such as universities are struggling to remain afloat. A great deal of uncertainty still hangs around the business and work sectors in the country. The gradual easing of lockdown measures may take an unpredictable pattern with possible spikes of reinfections warranting the reinstating of the lockdown measures. As Uganda grapples with the slowing down of its economy, the policy measures implemented may make or break Uganda’s recovery process. In this paper, we examine measures that can be taken to recover the losses Uganda has suffered and to get the economy back on track. These policy measures may also help pave the way forward for higher economic growth thus delivering Uganda into the middle-income category in the near future.
This is a policy paper on post COVID-19 about Uganda’s economic recovery.
Economic recovery – Post COVID-19, Uganda – economy
Kabahizi, Cadreen Barungi Uganda’s road to economic recovery post covid-19. Africa policy Centre. Uganda Christian University. July, 2020