Influence of Public Relations on the Management of Library and Information Services at Makerere University Business School Library

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Public Relations recognises the library’s contribution to the conservation, preservation, and distribution of information for national development which allows the librarians to improve the library’s reputation so that more people will use its services. The purpose of this study was to establish the PR in the Makerere University Business School library’s management of library and information services. The study sought intended to achieve four goals: to identify PR activities at MUBS Library, to establish the contributions of PR to academic libraries, to identify the influence of “PR on the management of library and information services” and to explore the set- backs to carry out PR activities at MUBS Library. The study data were gathered from forty (40) respondents using a case study research design and a qualitative research approach, of which 12 were library personnel and 28 were students enrolled in masters and degree programs. The findings revealed that: PR activities at MUBS library are the dissemination of information, promotion of awareness and publicity, creating a good image of the library & provision of information materials. PR influence involved establishing and maintaining mutual lines of communication, publicity, advertisements, arranging and managing press conferences, exhibitions, library week, creation of communications, determining needs, priorities, goals and objectives and PR team contacting media houses. Setbacks were PR technological advancement, obsolescence of library services, diversity management issues, unskilled manpower and limited staff, high costs, poor reading culture, resistance to change and existing budget for the library. For PR and management employees to efficiently carry out their core responsibilities and promote the library’s services, it was determined that MUBS must provide them with the necessary support. Given the above, it was recommended that the PR team should always be trained to be able to conduct PR activities, MUBS management should intensify advertising, lobbying and publicity to improve communication with the public and adopt publicity tools to market library services.