Oralture on twin rituals among Jopadhola of Uganda

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Owor, Joseph Jakisa
Naula, Mary
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The purpose of this study was to identify and critically analyze the oralture products associated with rituals concerning twins among the Jopadhola of Uganda. The study had the following objectives: to establish the successive stages in the life of twins among the Jopadhola and the rituals which accompany them; establish the nature or categories and functions of the oralture produced around these rituals; and establish the content and the literary features of these oralture products. The study used a qualitative approach, involving observation and verbal interviews with twenty seven respondents. The researchers listened to songs in response to the designed interview schedule. The findings reveal that oralture around rituals concerning twins among the Jopadhola are rich in literary features like imagery, kenning, personification, metaphors, symbols, satire, hyperbole, repetition, similes and structure with numerous functions, categories and features that pertain to them. Songs proved to be more utilized than all other literary products and the least used are the sayings and folktales.
Oral literature - Uganda, Japadhola , Twin rituals and literature - Uganda, Japadhola
Owor, J. J., & Naula, M. (2016). Oralture on twin rituals among Jopadhola of Uganda. International Journal of English and Literature, 7(5), 69-80.