Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Environmental Management and Poverty Reduction in Western Uganda

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS)
The study aimed at assessing the role of SMEs and environment management in poverty reduction in Western Uganda. The study is a descriptive and correlation study design. The data was collected by use of structured and closed-ended questionnaires. The findings revealed a strong association between (SMES and environmental management) and poverty reduction (r =.644; sig. <.05). The study found that SMEs lack access to innovative technologies, which are essential in buttressing SME roles in poverty reduction. The study revealed that very few financial resources are directly channeled to SMEs amidst ever-increasing interest rates on loans. Government policies on SMEs are deficient in terms of technical, technological, financial, and managerial infrastructures needed for effective contribution to economic growth and poverty reduction. The study further suggests that SMEs can resolve problems of poverty and unemployment if they can access cheap capital. The study, therefore, recommends that government should prioritize the SME sector in budgets to enhance its contribution to economic growth and poverty reduction.