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    Uganda martyrs: place and role of women
    (Journal of Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2008-04) Banja, Olivia Nassaka
    This article examines the place and role of women in the Uganda Martyrs’ story. Many people both men and women wonder what women have to do with the Uganda Martyrs’ story since it is commonly known that there were no women martyrs among the people who were killed during 1885–1887. Most of the books written on the Uganda Martyrs are either silent or present a fringe and scanty picture of women in the Martyrdom story. This article studies the history and the story of the Uganda Martyrs from a woman’s point of view. Thus, this article applies the historical approach to examine the place and role of women in the Uganda Martyrs’ story within the socio-historical context of the early Church in Uganda. The historical method as used in this article helps to approach the account in a sequential manner and brings in view the story of the Uganda Martyrs as well the Ugandan women participation in the events. The primary sources of information are the historical books and records on the Uganda Martyrs. Consequently, the Ugandan women who participated with the Martyrs such as Sarah Nakima, Mubulire Fanny and Princess Clara Nalumansi are brought into view and their contribution to the church emphasised. The article further examines the implications of martyrdom and women for contemporary Church in Uganda as it discusses the challenges and way forward. The article concludes by emphasising the need for women to read history with the view of highlighting their role and contribution to the development and growth of the church for the benefits of both contemporary and future community
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    YHWH, His Son and his Spirit: A biblical theology of God
    (African journal of evangelical theology, 2020) Nyende, Peter
    I articulate a biblical theology of God in outline in the hope of making a contribution to shape views of God amongst African Christians through the theological education of clergy. In the OT, YHWH, the God of Israel, is almighty and thus Lord. He is the only God and therefore referred to as the Most High, the true God, the living God, the Lord of Lords and King of kings, and the Lord of the earth. YHWH is also eternal, perfect in knowledge, of unmeasured wisdom, and merciful. This view of God is sustained in the NT. However, the nature of YHWH is implicitly elaborated as a trinity by virtue of YHWH having a son and a spirit who is also a person, which makes both divine persons. But YHWH’s Son and Spirit do not become two Gods besides YHWH for they share his nature and are thus divine in unity with him, i.e., the divinity of YHWH is the divinity of his Son and Spirit. Furthermore, they are not two Gods besides him because they are united with him in his will, purposes, and motivations.
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    Prepared to Believe: The Evangelism of Preschoolers and Infant Baptism in African Anglican Churches
    (The Global Anglican, 2020) Nyende, Peter
    This article discusses the cognitive status of preschool children based on the insights of the child psychologist Jean Piaget. Building on this, a strategy is offered for the evangelism of preschoolers and the expected outcome of this evangelism is the formation of their worldview into a Christian one. This prepares them to believe the gospel when they reach a developmental stage in which faith and unbelief become part of their mental posture. Given their commitment to infant baptism, African Anglican churches must prioritise theological studies focused on children in order to carry out such evangelism.
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    Called by God but Ordained by Men: The Work and Ministry of Reverend Florence Spetume Njangali in the Church of the Province of Uganda
    (Cambridge Publishing, 2009) Byaruhanga, Christopher
    The controversy over the ordination of women as priests in the Church of the Province of Uganda has been going on for a long time. Today, there are a few women priests in a good number of dioceses in the Church of the Province of Uganda. But this revolution against the conservative order of male domination has not come without a price. Women who feel called by God to the ministry in the Church of the Province of Uganda are usually discriminated against even when they eventually become ordained. One wonders whether women are called by God but ordained by men. This article looks at the work and ministry of one of those women who opened the door to the ordination of women in the Church of the Province of Uganda. In her response to the challenges of the time, Njangali not only refused the old definitions of women’s involvement in church ministry but also guided the whole church to rethink and renew its leadership policy.
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    Comparison between Biblical and African Concept of Life after Death.
    (2015-06) Omona, David Andrew
    This paper on the comparison between biblical and African concept of live after death seeks to unearth some of the minute similarities and broad differences between the two believe systems about death. In the pursuit of this agenda, a brief survey is made on each concept before the comparison is made and conclusion drawn.