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    Wambuzi Isabazinga Omufere
    (African Storybook Initiative, 2015) Nakasango, Alice
    This is a children story narrating about a famous goat that was a king of other animals in the society where all these animals lived.
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    Namukwana (Lwembo Mu Lusoga)
    (African Storybook Initiative, 2014) Wanga, Matthews M.
    The story is about a woman called Namukwana and her husband Ndooga who had six children & they were all girls. when the woman got pregnant she was promised a party if she gave birth to a baby boy or be divorced if it was a girl.
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    Oscar Omusablenya
    (African Storybook Initiative, 2014) Alberts, Ethan
    It is a children's story narrating about a fish species of Nile Perch but named Oscar which had a problem with its sight.
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    Omusaadha Omulagaadhavu
    (African Storybook Initiative, 2015) Enzikuru, Candiru Mary
    This was a children's story narrated on a handsome in the village who had good manners to his society.
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    Omughala Omwende
    (African Storybook Initiative, 2016) Katetemera, Ritah; Bukheye, Mulongo
    It is a children's story of a young girl in the village who was loved by her parents, siblings, friends and people in the village where she lived. This happened to her because of her good behaviors.