Health Crises and Media Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Dralega, Carol Azungi
Angella, Napakol
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Springer International Publishing
Long before the Covid-19 health crisis, sub-Saharan Africa has and still endures the brunt of many global health crises such as the deadly Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS, cholera and malaria, which have claimed millions of lives. Then came the Covid19 outbreak at the dawn of 2019 that has, to date, infected 511,965,711 and killed 6,240,619 people globally. Although better2 than other regions, Africa accounts for 8,790,143 confirmed cases and 171,666 deaths (WHO, 03 May 2022)—making Covid-19 a unique health crisis. Unique in that when, in January 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (and a global pandemic soon after), countries around the world embarked on drastic public health measures to curb the spread. Restrictions of different proportions and motives were instituted with various repercussions on all sectors, including the media.
This is an open-access book that brings together leading scholars and critical discourses on political, economic, legal, technological, socio-cultural, and systemic changes and continuities intersecting media and health crises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The volume extensively discusses COVID-19 but it also covers other epidemics, such as malaria, and HIV/AIDS as well as “silent” health crises such as mental health---simmering across the subcontinent. The chapters fill knowledge gaps, highlight innovations, and unpack the complexities surrounding the media ecosystem in times of health crises. They explore, among other issues, the politics of public health communication; infodemics; existential threats to media viability; draconian legislations; threats to journalists/journalism; COVID-related entrepreneurship, marginalization, and more. This is a timely resource for academics, advocacy groups, media practitioners and policymakers working on crises and media reporting, not just in Africa but anywhere in the global South.
Media Sociology - Health , Communication - Science , Communication - Public Health
Dralega, C. A., & Napakol, A. Health Crises and Media Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa. (2022). Health Crises and Media Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Springer International Publishing.