X as a Tool for Peer-to-Peer Nutritional Advocacy and Awareness Among University Students in Uganda

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Uganda Christian University
Communities of nutrition advocates have emerged globally, with young people, especially university students, actively engaging in nutrition advocacy by contributing their voices and opinions to the decision-making process. However, nutrition advocacy has often overlooked the nutritional needs of university students, whose diets are often compromised by poor eating habits, food choices, and sometimes low socio-economic status. This study aimed to investigate the role of X as a tool for peer-to-peer nutritional advocacy and awareness among university students in Uganda. To achieve the study objectives, a qualitative approach was employed to identify the factors motivating students to use X for nutritional advocacy and awareness. The study also examined the effects, challenges, and opportunities associated with the use of X for peer-to-peer nutritional advocacy. The findings revealed that students were motivated to use X due to its high believability and wide reach among their peers. In conclusion, X has been positively embraced by university students for conducting nutritional advocacy and awareness initiatives, as it provides easy access to nutrition information, facilitates interaction with other advocates, and fosters community-building. Students value the accuracy and authenticity of the information shared through X and are receptive to receiving and sharing healthy eating habits and recipe tips via the platform. The study provides valuable insights on ways to effectively leverage X for nutrition advocacy and awareness initiatives. Key words: University Students, Nutrition, Advocacy, X, Peer-to-Peer, Awareness