Implementation of Career Education and Dual Career Development: A Comparative Study of Academic and Sports Career Development Among Students in Sebei Sub-region

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Uganda Christian University
This study sought to examine the influence of implementation of career education on dual career development among students in Sebei sub-region, in eastern Uganda. The study adopted the convergent mixed research design in which a population of 360 and a sample of 186 people involving head teachers, deputy head teachers, Directors of Studies, Career guidance teachers, Games teachers; Sports officers; and students who had been involved in games and sports in the schools were targeted. Data was collected using a validated and pre-tested self-administered questionnaire and interview guide. Quantitative data collected was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics generated by the SPSS; while qualitative data was analyzed using thematic and content analysis. The findings revealed that for identification of career needs accounted for a significant proportion of dual career development; for academic career that for sports. For development of career opportunities and dual career development; academic career again accounted for a higher proportion than for sports career. For integration of students needs with careers and dual career development; academic career again accounted for a higher proportion than for sports career. For regular monitoring of students career development and dual career development; academic career accounted for a lower proportion than for sports career. A logistic regression showed that only identification of career needs is significant while the rest of the other variables were insignificant. Its believed that dual career provide for the fusion of sports and academic education to be a productive way of ensuring gradual development of a personality in any part of the world. The study concluded that identification of career needs, development of career opportunities, and integration of students' needs with careers play vital roles in both academic and sports dual career development. The study recommends among others that; efforts should be directed towards expanding networks and collaborations that provide students with diverse career opportunities in both academic and sports domain.