Exorcising the Inexorcible Buganda Ghost:

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Exorcising the inexorcible Buganda ghost: Hoodwinked, Dumped, Used and re-dumped; A quest for Buganda's cause for Buganda's independence. Buganda in response to their proposals, were invariably faced either cynical deception. What went wrong? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? What is the explanation for this contemptuous and disdainful attitude to Buganda interests and absolutely legitimate demands? Buganda has grown weaker and subsequently broken apart. That experience should serve as a good lesson for Buganda because it has shown us that the paralysis of power and will is the first step towards complete degradation and oblivion. Buganda lost confidence for only one moment, but it was enough to disrupt the balance of forces in the Uganda. As a result, this book will argue that the old treaties and agreements are no longer effective. Entreaties and requests do not help. Anything that does not suit the dominant state, the powers that be, is denounced as archaic, obsolete and useless. This redivision of the world, and the norms of international law that developed by that time and the most important of them, the fundamental norms that were adopted following WWII and largely formalised its outcome came in the way of those who declared themselves the "bread servers" under the scramble and partition of Africa.
Buganda - History, Buganda politics, Colonial rule, Uganda
Lubogo, I. C. (2022). Exorcising the Inexorcible Buganda Ghost: Hoodwinked, Dumped, Used and Re-Dumped; A Quest for Buganda's Cause for Buganda's Independence. Kampala: Jescho Publishing House