An Assessment of Public Private Partnership Best Practices on the Effectiveness of the Naads Programme in Uganda: A Case of Mukono District, Uganda

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Uganda Christian University
The study conducted an assessment of PPP best practices on the effectiveness of the NAADS programme in Uganda: a case of Mukono District, Uganda. It specifically focused on; establishing the effect of stakeholder engagement in PPP on the effectiveness of the NAADS programme, examining the effect of contract performance and monitoring in PPP on the effectiveness of the NAADS programme finding out the effect of risk management in PPP on the effectiveness of the NAADS programme in Mukono district. The study was carried out using a cross sectional survey research design where both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were also used. The data was collected using questionnaires and interviews during the data collection, both purposive and simple random sampling methods were used. A sample size of 80 respondents who are farmers that have benefited from the NAADS program in Nyenje parish plus the management of MDLG was also used in the study. From the findings, it was revealed that there are significant positive relationships between stakeholder engagement (r = 0.875, p < 0.05), contract performance and monitoring (r = 0.848, p < 0.05), and risk management (r = 0.833, p < 0.05) in public-private partnerships (PPP) and the effectiveness of the NAADS programme in Mukono District. Key factors included active farmer involvement, regular communication, effective monitoring, and robust risk management strategies, all of which enhanced programme adaptability, sustainability, and credibility. Regression analyses confirmed the significance of these elements in predicting the programme's effectiveness. Lastly, the study recommended the need for enhancing stakeholder engagement through active farmer involvement, communication, and feedback systems; establishing robust contract management with clear performance indicators and regular monitoring; and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies to ensure preparedness, adaptability, and stakeholder confidence in the NAADS programme in Mukono District.