How to Manage Conflict in a Library Work Place

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Library and Information Services - Uganda Christian University
Conflict is a scenario where discrepancy in values, attitudes and power rise to a contention and opposition between two or more parties. This is due to increased emphasis on participation, innovation, teamwork, diversity and creativity in an environment which has an extraordinary competition. Pondy (1967: 891) defined conflict as the process which starts from when one group detect that another has blighted or is about to discontent; then, some concern is raised. 2 The increasing roles, assumptions and enticements, which creates ambivalence and dilemma. Conflict can result into calamitous consequences for teams, institutions and individuals. However, it can be profitable to the institution. This means that the leading managers/ employers and team members should know how to resolve and manage conflict in a way that becomes a steering force for change and achieving the institution’s goals. Nelson and Quick (2006: 422) identified the capacity to manage conflict with demonstrative intelligence. Any employer with high levels of enthusiastic intelligence is able to control his/her emotions. He/she must be able to understand the variance perspectives that people bring to a situation and can accelerate or assist the search for a common ground. The introduction to autonomous team work in a University library environment locates the burden or authority of conflict resolution enduringly in the hands of a work team. Members in the library team must learn how to identify conflict and assign with it instantly and directly. Conflict has a number of problems raised for many work teams, which raise a need for actual / accurate training of team members to have a resolution.
This is a review paper discussing the element of conflict, which is part and parcel of a relationship. Every hour or day, human beings are confronted with cases of conflict.
Conflict - Library staff, Conflict at work
Galinnya Stephanas. 2018.How to manage conflict in a Library work place. Library and Information Services - Uganda Christian University