Social Media and Brand Engagement: An Assessment of Facebook Usage on Brand Loyalty in Selected Insurance Companies in Uganda

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Uganda Christian University
The study analysed the impact of Facebook usage on brand loyalty in selected insurance companies in Uganda. Specifically, the effect of social, user-based and brand factors of Facebook on brand loyalty in ICEA and UAP Old Mutual in Kampala Uganda. The study was premised on the Social Media Engagement (SME) Theory which states that user experience through social interactions with other users leads to higher engagement and subsequent greater usage of the social media platform (Prahalad&Ramaswamy,2024). The study adopted a quantitative research design. The results of the study revealed that there is a positive and significant effect of social brand engagement factors of Facebook, user-based, and government policy and regulation on brand loyalty for the Insurance brands ICEA and UAP Old Mutual. The study concluded that the arrival of social media has introduced new channels of brand communication and the application of online tools to engage with consumers. Several practical implications were drawn from the research findings; these profile Facebook and social media in general as valuable tools for community and marketing managers of Insurance companies to engage effectively with customers.