Uganda Christian University’s Collaboration With Story Weaver

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Uganda Christian University
Uganda Christian University (UCU) aims to supplement early literacy initiatives by making quality multilingual children stories freely available to the local communities with this collaboration. Using Story Weaver’s repository of open source content, the students of the of the creative writing course at UCU in particular, and the students and staff in the Faculty of Education and Arts in general, will create, translate and publish the final reviewed stories on the Story Weaver with an aim to increase the corpus of children’s stories across multiple Ugandan languages. The stories will be reviewed by respective native language users within the UCU community. This is a part of the UCU Community Service Project: ‘Creative Writing, Translation and Publishing for Children’ in the Department of Languages and Literature. The project also seeks to print these stories and make them accessible to all children of the local communities in Uganda through the UCU campuses and colleges.
This is a comprehensive data report from the Local Languages published stories in Story Weaver in Collaboration with Uganda Christian University.
Local Languages - Uganda
Gulere, Cornelius Wambi. Uganda Christian University’s collaboration with Story Weaver. Comprehensive Data Report, March 2018.