Effect of Civil Conflicts on the Development of the Church: A case of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei, (Anglican Communion)

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Uganda Christian University
The stand of this thesis is to examine the effect of civil conflicts on the development of the church: A case of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei. The study was directed by three main objectives: 1- it investigates the causes of civil conflicts in South Sudan, 2 - it assessed how civil conflicts affect the development of the church, 3- it examined strategies devised by the Church to maintain its development amidst civil Conflicts in South Sudan. And then it explores theological reflection on the matter. The Church in South Sudan (SS) lives amidst civil conflicts and wars for several decades which affected its life and development. South Sudan is a multiethnic and multi-religious country experienced civil conflicts and wars. Therefore, this thesis helps the church and the community to prevent the emergence of civil conflicts after identifying the causes of the conflicts in the society and how it affects the development of the church and the community for the church to maintain its development awake amidst conflicting civil societies. It makes clear a theological concept of origin of conflicts, the effect of the conflicts on the civil population including the church, and how the church remains progressive. However, this study realized a gap that need further study. The effect of political influence on the social development of the Church as the body of Christ. Effect of ethnic influence on the spiritual growth of the Church as the body of Christ. The gap has its root on the conflict of interest. Which has impact on the Social, economic, and spiritual being of the Church. Most of researches focus on the conflicts within the church and how it affects her development and growth, the role of the Church in conflict resolution and peace building. But few research is done on how the external factors influence the affairs of the Church and affects her state of development and growth, emerge problems to the Church . in this regard, the study established it foundation from this phenomenon based on the theories of conflict emergence and its effects on the society.
Masters dissertation.