Promotional Communications and Students’ Decision to Join Private Universities: A Case Study of Kumi University

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Uganda Christian University
The main purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of promotional communications on students’ decision to join private universities in Uganda, taking Kumi University as one of the private universities in Uganda focusing on establishing the influence of online promotional communications, offline promotional communications and other factors on students’ decision to join Kumi University. This study employed a descriptive research design aimed at describing the relationship between variables. The sample size of the research was comprised of 263 respondents from a total population of 846 Kumi University’s selected students covering three years: Academic Years (AYs) 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/2020. The investigator successfully obtained data from 237 participants out of the targeted sample of 263 respondents. This represents an 89.8% response rate. From the research findings, it is evident that promotional communications pose a significant effect on students’ decision to join private universities, but given the setting of Kumi University, and the findings in this study indicates that these strategies have not been well utilized. The findings also show that besides promotional communications, other factors play a vital role in influencing students to join the university. The researcher, therefore, recommends the university to step up a lively and up-to date online presence, set up a vibrant department of marketing and adopt a Marketing Information System such as the University Marketing System. Further, a comprehensive survey should be carried out on students to discover the best strategy the university can use to increase the number of students in each of its intakes.