Impact of Globalization on Women in Uganda

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EATWOT Women's Commission
In Uganda one cannot talk about ‘The new world order’ without focusing on globalization and its impact on Ugandan women. Although Uganda is a land locked country, a person at any point in the country is no longer locked up by the border lines. The people have worldwide horizons since their interactions, whether social, economic or political, are unlimited. Today a person in the rural area who has a radio can listen to music/news bulletin from Washington DC. Those in the city have access to information provided on the internet. Even that which was a taboo to listen to is now open for audial visual consumption. Some of these things may seem to be fascinating but at the same time globalization has also become a nightmare and a threat to humanity. Reflection about this brought in mind a Kiganda folk tale, in which a handsome rich man married a village beauty. The village beauty thought that she would live happily thereafter, only to be shocked when the handsome man turned into a beast and started eating up some of the village beauty’s parts. This picture implies that when we are talking about ‘The world order’, globalization and its impact on the women in Uganda cannot be ignored. Globalization and its policies has affected Ugandan women at different levels, social, economic and political. Whether it has redeemed women or thrown them in the global abyss is what in critically explored in this chapter. The chapter also reflects on how theologians can authentically talk about the new world order. Because there are a variety of issues raised by globalization, and given the diverse experience of women depending on their social location, the reflections on this chapter are based on the experience of the rural women in Uganda.
This chapter focuses on globalization and its impact on Ugandan women.
Ugandan Women, Globalization Ugandan women
Banja, Olivia Nassaka. 2005. Impact of globalization on women in Uganda. Theology in the context of globalization, African women’s response. EATWOT Women’s Commission. Nairobi