Using Particpatory Design Technique in the Design of the Mobile Phone-Based Health Application for Patients: A Case From Uganda

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2018 International Conference on Intelligent and Innovative Computing Applications (ICONIC)
Mobile health represents a relatively new trend in the field of health and involves the use of mobile devices to support healthcare. Despite this, there are still open challenges with respect to design, functionality and implementation aspects. The aim of this paper is to illustrate how to involve patients in the design and testing of the mobile phone-based Personal Health Record (PHR) system called M-Health App, and report our two-hour participatory design sessions with patients at Allan Galpin Health Centre - Uganda. The paper further presents insightful results from our formative evaluations, which will be used in the further implementation of M-Health App.
Mobile health, Health care service design - Mobile phone, Mobile apps - Participatory design, Mobile health services - designing aspects