The symbol of the Eucharist in the African context

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Uganda Christian University
One of the contemporary problems in the mission Churches in Africa is the indigenization or inculturation of worship and the Eucharist poignantly illustrates this problem. In this dissertation the author treats the problem. The author examines different theological approaches to the Eucharist as a symbol, the anthropology of the symbol, the Eucharist in Ethiopian Orthodox Church the rites of African Independent Church’s and studies the Roman Catholic Church. The author discusses the dialectical relationship between anthropology and theology. He recommends that it is the interrelationship of theology and culture that the existential problem of the African Church would find synthesis.
This was submitted as a partial fulfillment of the award of the Master of Arts in Theology Degree of the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Uganda Christian University
Eucharist, African context, The Roman Catholic Church
Tovey, Phillip. (1988). The symbol of the Eucharist in the African context. MA. Thesis, Uganda Christian University.