The Effect of Inadequate Christian Parenting on Holistic Development of Children in Bugiri Archdeaconry

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Uganda Christian University
The study was carried out to examine how inadequate Christian parenting affects the holistic development of children in Bugiri Archdeaconry. The objectives of the study were: to explore the concept of Christian parenting in Bugiri Archdeaconry, to investigate whether Christian parenting approaches are followed by people of Bugiri Archdeaconry and to analyze the role of Christian parenting to the holistic development of children in Bugiri Archdeaconry. Both qualitative and quantitative research designs were employed. The participants involved were Christian leaders, and Christian parents and these were 140 in number. The researcher used questionnaires, interview guides as research instruments to collect data. The sampling technique used was purposive and the selection was random and data collection sources were primary and secondary. The research findings showed that to a large extent parents practiced the concept of Christian parenting but the 22.4% who said they practiced Christian parenting to a small extent could not be ignored because this is a big percentage. For objective two, the study found out that majority of the parents in Bugiri use strict parenting, permissive parenting, others use non-involved parenting approaches, these are less in Christian parenting practices. Lastly, the study in objective three established that parents that give time for their children, pray together as a family, attend church together, operate family alters, engage in bible studies with children, teach the children about the ten commandments and how to follow them; such practices help their children to holistically develop physically, emotionally, spiritually, and morally. The researcher recommends that Christian parents should learn the biblical principles of parenting and also get involved in the life of their children fully, spend much more quality time with them and answer some of the social and spiritual challenges that the children go through.
This is a dissertation.