Spiritual Nourishment and the Rehabilitation on Inmates: A case of Luzira Prisons, Kampala

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Uganda Christian University
The study aimed at investigating the use of spiritual nourishment in the rehabilitation of inmates; a case study of Luzira Prisons, Kampala. The study was guided by the following objectives which are; To identify the main challenges faced during spiritual nourishment in the rehabilitation of inmates in Luzira Prisons, and To establish the interventions by chaplains during spiritual nourishment while rehabilitating inmates in Luzira Prisons. The study was carried out using a case study research design where qualitative research approach was used. The data was collected using interview and focus group discussion guides and during the data collection, where purposive sampling method will be used. A sample size of 44 participants was used. The study established the main challenges faced during spiritual nourishment include: the transfer and release of chaplains, lack of enough time, language barrier, failure to interpret the bible, and negative attitude towards rehabilitation. On objective two the study established that the main interventions carried out by chaplains include: putting in place an open door policy to allow inmates to fellowship, and study the bible, facilitating peace and reconciliation between inmates and prison staff, conducting bible study lesson, ensuring continuous spiritual counseling. The study recommends that the chaplaincy should be provided with more resources to strengthen the chaplaincy activities in prison. Other recommendations can be found in the study in chapter six.
Masters dissertation.