Uganda Should Not Liberalize Abortion Laws

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The Africa Policy Centre Uganda Christian University
This paper explains the solid grounds on which Uganda should stand to refuse the push to liberalize its laws regarding abortions. The first section traces the construction of the ‘Right to Abortion’ in order to provide context. It also discusses the linguistic shift that is taking place in reference to abortion which is purposefully used to gradually change the conventional Ugandan paradigm on abortion. The second section explains the misguided understanding of human rights that underlies the basic push for the liberalization. The third one deals with international and domestic legal provisions on abortion. It explains why Uganda is not legally required to change its abortion laws under the governing domestic or international law. The next section adds more logical and factual evidence why Uganda should not liberalize it abortion laws, presenting viable and serious reasons for this position. There is also a section that discusses the long-term national security threat and human resource problems that may emerge from a liberalized abortion climate. The last section sets out suggestions and recommendations that the Ugandan government could take in order to make its society stronger. Overall, the paper presents the position that Uganda should take regarding the liberalization of its abortion laws. Liberalizing would be counter to the protection of its national interests, values and its cultural norms, as well as being unacceptable for medical, social, economic, and other reasons.
This is a white paper on liberalization of abortion in Uganda
Abortion - Liberalisation, Abortion laws - Uganda
Africa policy centre. 2017. Uganda should not liberalize abortion laws. The Africa Policy Centre Uganda Christian University