Efficacy of Land Acquisition Legal Framework in Oil and Gas Industry in Uganda Albertine Graben- Buliisa District Case Study

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Uganda Christian University
Oil and gas as an industry has a wide effect on society and as an industry it covers vast aspects of the economy. This sector is concerned with the community where its operations are, the people who are affected by its operations as it has to acquire vast chunks of land. Big land is the reason why the sector is very sensitive and therefore a strong legal regime is very necessary. It has to work side by side with the community in order to extract the oil. The explored area is said to represent less than 40% of the total area with the potential for petroleum production in the Albertine Graben and only 12% is licensed. Much as there is a potential for petroleum resources to be discovered in Uganda, more vast land shall be required and more people are to be affected. The overall objective of this dissertations was to examine the effectiveness of existing Land acquisition laws, policies, and regulation’s ability to properly compensate Project Affected peoples (PAPs), transparency and accountability of oil and gas resources in Uganda, Albertine Graben and particularly in Buliisa District as a case study. The study adopted a qualitative research approach that incorporates qualitative data obtained from both secondary and primary sources. The comparative methods were employed to assess the selected jurisdictions for purposes of comparisons. This study aimed at determining key factors that limit effective attainment of all the objectives 6investigated and hence determine ways of addressing such challenges with an overall purpose of enabling fair and effective results from exploiting oil and gas for the greater good, arriving at a win-win situation. This paper found out that the work carried out by the oil and gas sector has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the communities where the oil is situated and the citizens of Uganda. The inhabitants of the Albertine Graben have so far been affected by the exploration and development stages of production. Some were asked to relocate and others were reallocated to other parts of the country with or without compensation. There is need to enact strong laws and or updating the current legal regime plus ratifying of international instruments that do protect land rights among others.