Integrating Faith with Work: a ministry transformational model

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The Integration of Faith in Work has been regarded as a ministry transformational model because today work has lost its place and meaning especially among Christian communities. Work no longer brings joy to those who engage in it. It has been so much associated with monetary benefits, that any work activity which is not worth paying is disregarded and degraded. Many people of our time have shifted focus from the purpose for which work was created to more personal benefits such as monetary gains. There is little consideration to what positive impact it may create and leave for the people that will come after us. It is a very serious matter when it comes to Christians who know that God created and mandated us to work as His stewards in His estate and yet we do not give it its due respect. Today’s Christian work ethic has not met with the expectation of the Biblical teaching when we look around and see what is happening among us as Christian workers. There is a lot of neglect and irresponsible management of what has been entrusted to us by God. Elly’s concern that has led to the writing of this book is intended to call upon Christian workers both in private and public sectors, to look back and see where the work ethic was lost and revive it. He points out clearly how much Christians need to understand the Biblical teaching about work in their daily life. Although they have engaged work most of their life time, they have been influenced by unbiblical principles such as corruption, idleness, and crime of all sorts. Over the years Christians have lost the work ethic and values and this has resulted into meaningless and unproductive work.
This eBook was published by Global International series Focus No. 28
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Kansiime, Elly K. (2015). Integrating Faith with Work: a ministry transformational model. Geneva : International