Children’s Right to Protection and Ability to Participate in Career Decision Making in Makindye Division, Kampala Capital City

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Uganda Christian University
This research sought to examine children protection laws on the promotion of the right to participation. It also sought to explore children’s understanding of their right to participation in career decision making and also to assess children’s participation in career decision making, both at school and home. This study employed a cross sectional design, utilizing mixed methods research approach. The research undertook a case study exploration of these issues directly with children in order to examine their understanding of participation and their actual participation in career decision making. Teachers, parents/guardians, civil servants and non-governmental organizations that work in line with children, were also involved to assess their role in the promotion of the right to participation. The key study findings show that Laws and policies on children protection and especially on participation are well articulated, and are in line with universal and international standards. Findings also show that Children’s understanding of the right to participation and their actual participation is high. Lastly, the study findings show that there is an increase in the promotion of children’s rights which is reflected through the increased participation in career decision making. The study recommends continuance of empowerment and awareness and that children should be supported to realize their participation rights.
Masters dissertation.