The Primacy of “Spirit” (Pastoral Studies) in Pastoral Care and Counseling of Basoga of Uganda

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Uganda Christian University
The traditional African therapy system under spirit-based care remained affective throughout the missionary era and it continues to appeal to some Basiga of contemporary era more than Christianity does. In this dissertation the author presents the primacy of “spirit” among the Basoga of Eastern Uganda as regards pastoral care and counseling. The author asserts that among the Basoga the spirits and their agents have power which the Christian careers and counselors do not have. The author affirms that among the Basoga their concepts and values about disease, health, and healing are influenced by beliefs and experiences of spirit power. The author recommends that listening to the Musoga parishioner and client would be necessary in addressing his or her true pastoral needs for therapy.
This was submitted as a partial fulfillment of the award of the Master of Arts in Theology Degree of the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Uganda Christian University
Spirit-(pastoral studies), Pastoral care and counseling, Basoga-Uganda
Magumba, John P. (1992). The primacy of “spirit” (pastoral studies) in pastoral care and counseling of Basoga of Uganda. MA. Thesis, Uganda Christian University.