Morphometry of the Proximal End of Dry Adult Human Femora from the East African Population: A CrossSection Study

Introduction: Proximal femur morphometry is important in the stability of the hip joint, the design of implants for hip replacement and forensic identification of unknown human remains. This study aimed at determining the proximal femur morphometry and factors associated with their variation. Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of the proximal end of 333 dry human femora from persons aged 20 to 75 years from the East African population. All the femora were observed macroscopically for the presence of the third trochanter, and the age, sex and nationality documented. The femoral head and neck circumferences were measured using a tape measure and the neck-shaft angle and the angle of anteversion measured using a goniometer. Data were entered in an Excel sheet and exported to STATA 14 for analysis. Univariate, bivariate and multivariable analyses were performed. A p-value of less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: Of the 333 dry femora, 7.21% (24/333) had a third trochanter. The mean femoral head circumference was 134.91 ± 8.91 mm, the mean neckshaft angle was 118 ± 6 degrees, the mean angle of anteversion was 17 ± 4 degrees, the mean femoral neck circumference was 91.71 ± 7.40 mm. Statistical significance was achieved between each of the proximal femur measurements and: sex, nationality and third trochanter status. Conclusion: The morphometry of the proximal femur varies with age, sex and nationality. These variations are pertinent in the design of tailored proximal femur implants, assessing the risk of fractures, forensic practice and regional comparisons. Keywords: Immplants; Morphometry; Neck-shaft angle; Proximal femur; Third trochanter
Journal article
Tumusiime, Gerald & Kirum, Gonzaga Gonza & Kukiriza, John. (2021). Morphometry of the Proximal End of Dry Adult Human Femora from the East African Population: A Cross-Section Study. Austin Journal of Anatomy. 8. 1102. 10.26420/austinjanat.2021.1102.