Describe the Knowledge and Attitude on the Use of International Guidelines for Management of Patients with Heart Failure Among Nurses at the Uganda Heart Institute, Mulago Hospital.

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Background and aim: Heart failure is a raising public health issue globally. In Uganda HF affects more than 15 % Ugandans annually, and results to increased hospital length of stay, frequent re-hospitalizations, increase hospital costs and premature deaths among those affected. The aim of study is to describe the knowledge and attitude on the use of international guidelines for managing HF among nurses at the Uganda Heart Institute. Methods: The study employed descriptive cross-Sectional study design of quantitative approach of data collection. The research was conducted on 72 nurses who have worked for more than six months in Uganda heart institute. The questionnaire consisted of 30 questions that assessed knowledge and attitude of nurses on the use of international guidelines. The study questionnaire was conducted on the month of June 2023 to July 2023. Results: A total of 72 nurses participated in this study. Average age was 36.7 years with minimum age 27 and maximum age 58 years. 67% of the respondents were below 40 years. Overall, 46.9% of the respondents had good knowledge about management of heart failure using international guidelines. Among the 72 respondents 48(66.7%) had positive attitude towards heart failure management (M = 3.8, SD= 3.3), male had nearly equal attitude compared to female (70.0% vs. 68.7%), participants who had an experience of more than 20 years had a better attitude compared to all categories of experience. Discussions and conclusion: participants had a good knowledge compared to the results from other studies. The knowledge was associated with knowledge years of experience and some forms of specialization. The results showed good attitude which was similar to other studies. Increasing awareness on the use of international guidelines might further improve knowledge.