Extent of National Content Participation in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector

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Uganda Christian University
This research endeavoured to delve into the extent of national content participation in Uganda's oil and gas industry, with a specific focus on the involvement of local entities in providing essential skills, services, and supplies. By comprehending the level of engagement of indigenous businesses, the study aimed to pinpoint potential areas for improvement and evaluate how the nation can capitalize on its resources and expertise for sustainable development. This research sought to investigate three objectives including assessing the extent to which local entities provide skills, services and supplies in the oil and gas sector, examining the proportion of Ugandans against expatriates being employed in the oil and gas sector and investigating and understanding the obstacles and difficulties encountered in the successful implementation of national content participation in the oil and gas sector in Uganda focusing on the Albertine Graben region. This study was conducted as a cross-sectional survey design, using a mixture of questionnaires, interviews, and document review to collect data. The study included 102 participants who were selected using purposive and simple random sampling. The research findings revealed that there is a need for increased investment and support for local suppliers, ongoing efforts to enhance the capabilities of the Ugandan workforce, and increased enforcement of local content limitations by the government. In conclusion, the study emphasises the necessity of increased investments and support for local suppliers to assist them in competing with global firms. If this goal is achieved, economic growth and sustainability in Uganda could be fostered. In addition to this, there is a continual need for efforts to be made to improve the capabilities of the workforce in Uganda and to guarantee that multinational oil companies are complying with the legislative obligations that surround the employment of locals.