Building a Great Future: The Legacy of Bishop Tucker Theological College

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Uganda Christian University Publications
As Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology/Uganda Christian University celebrate her centenary, we look back and thank God who in his Grace began a church leaders’ school on Namirembe hill in 1903 that later moved to Mukono hill in 1913. The vision of Bishop Alfred Robert Tucker to equip native leadership of the church is the blessing of God which we continue to celebrate to this date. This vision was further facilitated by the generosity of Buganda kingdom leaders such Ham Mukasa who gave land to the college which is a valuable resource and sign of God’s providence that we continue to celebrate. Bishop Tucker Theological College’s (BTTC) motto was ‘called to serve and with that motto the college gave birth to Uganda Christian University in 1997. The theological school in this university is now called Bishop Tucker School of Divinity And Theology. The school continues to grow and the legacy of BTTC still lives on. God is doing great things through the school with mission to train men and women for biblically grounded pastoral and academic ministry, train them in godly living, equip them to preach, evangelize teach, care for, and pastor God ‘s people in knowledge and love of God throughout the world. The vision at the heart of the school is to prepare faithful leaders who are called to serve God in both church ministry and public life. With this mission and vision the school continues to Influence all the university faculties with foundations of faith and ethics rooted in the bible. By serving in other faculties in the university we see leadership in all spheres of life being touched and influenced by God to serve faithfully with the understanding that he is the Alpha and Omega. Thus building leadership that is rooted in the knowledge of Jesus Christ with the awareness that it is God who called them to serve, faithfully in the church and society. In this way the legacy of BTTC still continues The spirit of God who moved the early Baganda leaders to invite missionaries to come and teach the faith of the living lord Jesus Christ as the light to shine in the darkens of Uganda has continued to shine and influence leadership of the church and nations in the world through BTSDT. This is the growth of the inspiration of God through Bishop Alfred Tucker, Ham Mukasa and many other servants of God. The articles in this book tell the story of the wonders of God on Mukono hill, the legacy of BTTC in Uganda and the world at large.
This books describes and justifies the celebrations of 100 years of the existence and foundation of Bishop Tucker Theological College which later transformed into Uganda Christian University
Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Celebrating BTSDT 100 years
Uganda Christian University. 2013. Building a Great Future: The Legacy of Bishop Tucker Theological College