Camera, Commerce & Conscience: Afrowood and the Crisis of Purpose

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Every re-interpretation of a work of art is an enrichment of the culture that inspired that work in the first place. The artist of the reinterpretation is truly blessed not only by the initial artist but by the community and the culture called upon to see itself in another light, a new might. It is in this way that Tunde Kelani is blessed and a blessing to Yoruba culture and the Nigerian community. TK's films, unlike other films of Nollywood notoriety, are quintessential victories of the communal art form involving the writer, the film script writer, the actors male and female, the camera men, the grip holder, the make-up artists, the costume makers, the musicians, the post-production crew of editors and voice over contributors, all under the supreme director-creator TK. Any wonder then that the films of Tunde Kelani are such delights to the eyes and the ears of his audience.
The essays in this book of appreciation speak to these joys that the films of Tunde Kelani (and those of a few others explored in the book) bring to the heart and the mind. The magic of translating and transforming a verbal narrative to a pictorial narrative is indeed a reawakening to the ever-evolving wonder of further-creativity.
Afrowood, African Cinema, Movie Industry, Videography, Journalism, Film making, Media Studies
Ojebode, Ayobami ... et al. (2019).Camera, commerce & Conscience: Afrowood and the crisis of purpose.