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    • Diversity and distribution of African indigenous vegetable species in Uganda 

      Kizito, Elizabeth B.; Masanza, Michael; Sseremba, Godfrey; Kabod, Nahamya Pamela; Kasharu, Apolo Katwijukye; Jaggwe, John Nkalubo (Academic Journals, 2017-11)
      African indigenous vegetable species (AIVS) provide a means of livelihood to many urban and peri-urban dwellers in Uganda. It was thus deemed necessary to understand the existing diversity and distribution of the traditional ...
    • Morphological distinctiveness between Solanum aethiopicum Shum group and its progenitor 

      Kizito, Elizabeth B.; Sseremba, Godfrey; Tongoona, Pangirayi; Eleblu, John Savior Yaw; Danquah, Eric Yirenkyi; Kabod, Nahamya Pamela (Academic Journals, 2017-08)
      Use of morphological markers offers an alternative in germplasm discrimination of research-neglected crop species. A collection of 25 accessions including five wild progenitors was evaluated in screen house to identify the ...
    • Stability for descriptors of Solanum aethiopicum Shum group (family Solanaceae) 

      Kabod, Nahamya Pamela; Sseremba, Godfrey; Buteme, Ruth; Masanza, Michael; Kizito, Balyejusa Elizabeth; Kasharu, Katwijukye Apolo (Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science, 2018-09-30)
      Solanum aethiopicum Shum group is a nutrient-rich and income-generating crop enterprise in various sub-Saharan Africa countries. Despite its importance, the development of its improved varieties has not been prioritized. ...