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    • Changes in whole-blood PUFA and their predictors during recovery from severe acute malnutrition 

      Babirekere-Iriso, Esther; Mortensen, Charlotte G.; Mupere, Ezekiel; Rytter, Maren J. H.; Namusoke, Hanifa; Michaelsen, Kim F.; Briend, André; Stark, Ken D.; Friis, Henrik; Lauritzen, Lotte (British Journal of Nutrition, 2016-05)
      Children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) with complications require in-patient management including therapeutic feeding. Little attention has been given to the effects of these feeds on the essential fatty acid status ...
    • Risk factors for death in children during inpatient treatment of severe acute malnutrition: a prospective cohort study 

      Rytter, Maren J H; Babirekere-Iriso, Esther; Namusoke, Hanifa; Christensen, Vibeke B; Michaelsen, Kim F; Ritz, Christian; Mortensen, Charlotte G; Mupere, Ezekiel; Friis, Henrik (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2017-02)
      Background: Children who receive in-hospital treatment of severe acute malnutrition often have high mortality rates, and the reasons are not well understood. Objective: We assessed risk factors for death in children who ...