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    • Omusaadha Omulagaadhavu 

      Enzikuru, Candiru Mary (African Storybook Initiative, 2015)
      This was a children's story narrated on a handsome in the village who had good manners to his society.
    • Omusaadha Omuleeyi Einho 

      Gulere, Cornelius Wambi (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This is a children's story about a very tall man in the village whom everyone was wondering how he survives, because he needs everything to be unique of his height.
    • Omusomesa wange asinga 

      Nabbumba, Daisy (Pratham Books' Story Weaver, 2017)
      This book demonstrates the favorite female teacher for Children
    • Omuti gwe Kinazi 

      Ipoo, Simon; Owen, Rob; Amia, Catherine (Pratham Books Story Weaver Publishing, 2015)
      This is a story about the importance of the special tree called cocoanut
    • Omwegyesa Omukundwa 

      Musiimenta, Racheal (Pratham Books’ Story Weaver, 2017)
      This is a story of a Good Lecturer
    • Omwehurizi Racheal 

      Katusiime, Gift (Pratham Books’ Story Weaver, 2017)
      This story is about a proud girl called Racheal
    • On the challenge of adopting standard EHR systems in developing countries 

      Ssembatya, Richard; Kayem, Anne V.D.M.; Mardsen, Gary (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2013)
      Electronic health record (EHR) systems are a popular mechanism for accessing health records in the developed world and have contributed towards improved and cost-effective health care management. However, the development ...
    • On the presence and role of human gene-body DNA methylation 

      Jjingo, Daudi; Conley, Andrew B.; Yi, Soojin V.; Lunyak, Victoria V.; Jordan, I. King (International Multidisciplinary Publishing Academy for Computational Technologies, 2012-05-09)
      DNA methylation of promoter sequences is a repressive epigenetic mark that down-regulates gene expression. However, DNA methylation is more prevalent within gene-bodies than seen for promoters, and gene-body methylation ...
    • One-On-One Riddling Approaches to Local Languages and Literature Revitalization In Uganda 

      Gulere, Cornelius Wambi (2018-06)
      The gains and challenges in fulfilling the Asmara 2000 declarations on African Languages and Literatures have shown that individuals are the key to sustainable revitalization. Using riddling approaches, the author has ...
    • The operations and effectiveness of public and private provision of solid waste collection services in Kampala. 

      Katusiimeh, Mesharch W.; Mol, Arthur P. J.; Burger, Kees (2012-04)
      This paper compares the operations and discusses the effectiveness of public and private sector provision of solid waste collection in Kampala, Uganda. Household data suggest that the private sector is more effective than ...
    • Opt-out cervical cancer screening increases coverage of cervical cancer screening in HIV clinical care settings: Experiences from Mildmay, Uganda 

      Nabukenya, Anne M.; Matovu, Joseph K. B.; Nangiya, Joan; Kawuma, Esther; Odiit, Mary; Mukasa, Barbara (BioMed Central, 2014-05)
      Background: Cervical cancer is highly prevalent in developing countries. In Uganda, overall incidence rate is estimated at 44 per 100,000 women and 60 per 100,000 among HIV infected women. However, only 30% of women have ...
    • Optimisation of rural biomass waste to energy systems 

      Namuli, Rachel (Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2012)
      Biomass waste to energy conversion systems were traditionally installed on rural farms to manage manure disposal and mitigate odour. These systems provide heating and electricity and are increasingly viewed as sources of ...
    • Oralture on twin rituals among Jopadhola of Uganda 

      Owor, Joseph Jakisa; Naula, Mary (Academic Journals, 2016-05)
      The purpose of this study was to identify and critically analyze the oralture products associated with rituals concerning twins among the Jopadhola of Uganda. The study had the following objectives: to establish the ...
    • Oscar Omusablenya 

      Alberts, Ethan (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      It is a children's story narrating about a fish species of Nile Perch but named Oscar which had a problem with its sight.
    • An overview of African christian research 

      Byaruhanga, Christopher (Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life Stellenbosch University, 2012)
      The African Church has a compelling, creative and - sometimes - complex story to share with the worldwide church. African Christian research is a vital component in the telling of that story. The way in which that story ...
    • Owulidde? 

      Mehta, Sejal; Chakravarty, Rohan; Nakacwa, Florence (Pratham Books Story Weaver Publishing, 2017)
      This is a story book about the different sounds made by birds of different species in our society.
    • Oyuyut 

      Lamony, Maurice; Jager, Wiehan de (African Story Book Initiative, 2014)
      This book demonstrates a story a young boy and girl who like to dress smartly.
    • Participatory media for a non-participating community: Western media for Southern communities 

      Semujju, Brian (Sage publications, 2014)
      This paper draws on the contrast between community media and the nature of its communities in Africa that are not participatory but use participatory media. The general contention is that participatory media in Africa ...
    • Participatory planning for the transformation of the Faculty of Medicine into a College of Health Sciences 

      Dodge, Cole P.; Sewankambo, Nelson; Kanyesigye, Edward (African Health Sciences, 2003-08)
      The study is about Participatory planning for the transformation of the Faculty of Medicine into a College of Health Sciences
    • The passionate mukiga teacher 

      Katusiime, Gift (Pratham Books’ Story Weaver, 2017)
      This book talks about a passionate teacher.