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    • Igi Lya Mwandu 

      Sseppuuya, Nambi (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      It is a children's story about an egg which was meant for bride price but it got broken by mistake.
    • Ikafu Umsale Woese 

      Wanyenze, Robina (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This book narrates a story of a cow which used to greet people even those driving cars
    • Iliibwa 

      Namugerwa, Cissy (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This is a children's story is about a fruit in one of the village which was supposed to be eaten when it has grown well.
    • Ill-health and labour market outcomes in Uganda: evidence from 2005/06 national household survey 

      Matovu, Fred; Birungi, Patrick; Sebaggala, Richard (2012)
      This study set out to examine the impact of ill-health on labour market outcomes in Uganda using UNHS 2005/06. Specifically, the study examined the potential economic loss of ill-health and the effects of ill-health on ...
    • Imbusi Ishina 

      Shissa, Milton Eridad (Mozambican Writers 2014, 2014)
      This book narrates a story of goats which lived together and used to collaborate in many activities.
    • Imbwa 

      Wanyenze, Robina (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This book narrates a story of a dog and how it behaves in the society
    • Immune activation alters cellular and humoral responses to yellow fever 17D vaccine 

      Muyanja, Enoch; Ssemaganda, Aloysius; Ngauv, Pearline; Cubas, Rafael; Perrin, Helene; Srinivasan, Divya; Canderan, Glenda; Lawson, Benton; Kopycinski, Jakub; Graham, Amanda S.; Rowe, Dawne K.; Smith, Michaela J.; Isern, Sharon; Michael, Scott; Silvestri, Guido; Vanderford, Thomas H.; Castro, Erika; Pantaleo, Giuseppe; Singer, Joel; Gillmour, Jill; Kiwanuka, Noah; Nanvubya, Annet; Schmidt, Claudia; Birungi, Josephine; Cox, Josephine; Haddad, Elias K.; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Fast, Patricia; Sekaly, Rafick-Pierre; Trautmann, Lydie (The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2014-07)
      Background. Defining the parameters that modulate vaccine responses in African populations will be imperative to design effective vaccines for protection against HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and dengue virus infections. This ...
    • The Impact of Access to Agricultural Services on Maize Productivity in Uganda. 

      Musinguzi, Isaac (2016-10)
      The study examined the influence of access to agricultural services on maize productivity in Uganda. It was motivated by the fact there are low maize yields and yet the government has continuously increased funding to the ...
    • Impact of geographic distance on appraisal delay for active TB treatment seeking in Uganda: a network analysis of the Kawempe Community Health Cohort Study 

      Fluegge, Kyle; Malone, LaShaunda L.; Nsereko, Mary; Okware, Brenda; Wejse, Christian; Kisingo, Hussein; Mupere, Ezekiel; Boom, W. Henry; Stein, Catherine M. (BMC Public Health, 2018-05)
      Background: Appraisal delay is the time a patient takes to consider a symptom as not only noticeable, but a sign of illness. The study’s objective was to determine the association between appraisal delay in seeking ...
    • Impact of HIV/AIDS on Households’ Food Production in Bushenyi District, Uganda 

      Musinguzi, Benon (International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow, 2012-07)
      AIDS has had a devastating impact on Uganda and has significantly lowered life expectancy, reduced the country‟s labor force, reduced agricultural output and food security. Although much research has been done on the impact ...
    • Impact of Multiparty Politics on Local Government in Uganda 

      Manyak, Terrell G.; Katono, Isaac Wasswa (Indiana University Press, 2011)
      Following years of civil strife, Uganda emerged as a “movement only” state under the National Resistance Movement led by Yoweri Museveni. One of the major innovations of this new government was to implement a strategy of ...
    • Implementation of a revised curriculum at Uganda Christian University 

      Kakooza, Anthony C.K.; Dennison, Brian (Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA), 2015)
      The Uganda Christian University hosts a four-year LLB Programme with approximately 900 students. Class sizes typically range from 100 to 130 students and are largely lecture based. This environment is not ideal for ...
    • Imwasi Ayi? 

      Okurut, Ignatius; McDougall, Sandra (African Story Book Initiative, 2007)
      This book demonstrates a story about Animal farm
    • In the shadows of truth: the polarized family 

      Kansiime, Elly K. ( International, 2017-09)
      In the shadows of truth is yet another of Rev. Can. Dr. Elly Kansiime’s interesting books that highlight the insights about family life. In his first book entitled “Integrating Faith with Work” a Ministry Transformational ...
    • Incomplete Reporting of HIV/AIDS by Uganda’s Surveillance System and the Associated Factors 

      Bwesigye, Denis Akankunda; Loneck, Barry M.; Sherman, Barry R. (Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2016)
      Introduction: The United States government supported Ugandan government by introducing the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) in 2012 to improve HIV/AIDS surveillance. Districts have yet to fully adopt this ...
    • Increasing teacher motivation and supervision is an important but not sufficient strategy for improving praziquantel uptake in Schistosoma mansoni control programs: serial cross sectional surveys in Uganda 

      Muhumuza, Simon; Katahoire, Anne; Nuwaha, Fred; Olsen, Annette (BioMed Central, 2013-12-13)
      Background: Realization of the public health benefits of mass drug administration (MDA) for the control of schistosomiasis depends on achieving and maintaining high annual treatment coverage. In Uganda, the uptake ...
    • Indigenization of theology worship in the Anglican Church of Congo 

      Sabiti, Daniel T. (Uganda Christian University, 2000)
      For J.M. Waliggo, inculturation means the honest and serious attempt to make Christ and message of salvation ever more understood by peoples of every culture, locality and time. In this dissertation the author presents ...
    • Indigenous Language Media and Freedom of Expression in Uganda 

      Chibita, Monica B. (Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016)
      Since the liberation of Uganda’s broadcast media sector two decades ago, the sector has seen considerable growth. The number of channels has multiplied and the programming menu has taken on a more global and commercial(ized) ...
    • Indigenous language programming and citizen participation in Uganda broadcasting : an exploratory study. 

      Chibita, Monica B. (2006)
      The thesis, Indigenous language programming and citizen participation in Ugandan broadcasting: an exploratory study constitutes an analysis of the significance of policy on indigenous language programming in Uganda's ...
    • Infection of New- and Old-World Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) by the Intracellular Parasite Wolbachia: Implications for Host Mitochondrial DNA Evolution 

      Armbruster, Peter; Damsky, William E.; Giordano, Rosanna; Birungi, Josephine; Munstermann, Leonard E.; Conn, And Jan E. (Journal of Medical Entomology, 2003)
      Wolbachia are cytoplasmically inherited, endosymbiotic bacteria known to infect a wide variety of arthropods. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) ampliÞcation of the Wolbachia surface protein (wsp) gene was used to assay the ...