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    • Jaaka Omuvubi 

      Sabwa, Tom (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This is a children's story narrating how the activity of fishing is being carried out.
    • Jadav ni akutu he Gimisala 

      Vinayak, Varma (Pratham Books, 2016)
      This book is telling a story of a young man who fears wild animals and one day these animals surrounded him and tried to climb the tree which also had snakes.
    • Joint education provision; a relief or challenge to quality education services in Uganda: a study in Buganda region 

      Sempungu, Godfrey (Joint education provision; a relief or challenge to quality education services in Uganda: a study in Buganda region, Bergen Norway, 2011)
      The National Constitution of Uganda clearly underscores the fact that education is a right of every Ugandan. The same document also stipulates the role of the Government and other stakeholders in providing education. It ...
    • Ka Bwutu It oyoo 

      Lamony, Maurice; Uzzell, Amy (African Story Book Initiative, 2014)
      This book demonstrates a story of a rat which was so stubborn in the house that it could eat everything and spoil as well, but at the end it was killed.
    • Kamarofu Ka Kuukhu 

      Wekunya, Cornelius (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This book narrates a story of a mother who was training her daughter to do house work and gardening as well.
    • Kasalina ali mwighulu 

      Gulere, Cornelius Wambi (African Storybook Initiative, 2018)
      This is a children's story about a young lady Catherine who visited heaven and later suffered a brain tumor.
    • Khayanga Ni Khaamuka Kheewe 

      Nafula, Ursula (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This story is narrating a young girl who loved to have her pot next to her all the time, but one time it got broken into pieces.
    • Khuuteekha 

      Shissa, Milton Eridad (African Storybook Initiative, 2007)
      This is a story of a child who loved to do house work with her mother.
    • Kiki ekyo 

      Roberts, Ann; Sidley, Kate; Penn, Robyn; Nakacwa, Florence (Pratham Books Story Weaver Publishing, 2015)
      This is a story about creatures which seem to have incomplete parts of their bodies.
    • Kiki Kyembenkozese Okutambula 

      Nafula, Ursula (African Storybook Initiative, 2015)
      This is a children's story narrating about the different transport modes. And the person was confused of which means of transport to use because all of them looked to be good and they would make him reach his destination well.
    • Kintu 

      Bannerjee, Kanchan (Pratham Books' Story Weaver, 2013)
      This book demonstrates a Lady's treasured dog named Kintu
    • Knowledge and attitudes about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination and cervical cancer screening among women in rural Uganda 

      Nkonwa, Innocent H; D’onofrio, Michael J.; Ngonzi, Joseph; Muhwezi, Wilson; Banula, Cecil; Bunjo, Kiku Tony; Mirembe, Florence (Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, 2016)
      Cervical cancer is one of the major causes of death among women worldwide. There is an established linkage between cervical cancer and Oncogenic Human Papilloma virus (HPV) strains 16 and 18. While cervical cancer is widely ...
    • Knowledge of integrated management of childhood illnesses community and family practices (C-IMCI) and association with child undernutrition in Northern Uganda: a cross-sectional study 

      Mukunya, David; Kizito, Samuel; Orach, Tonny; Ndagire, Regina; Tumwakire, Emily; Rukundo, Godfrey Zari; Mupere, Ezekiel; Kiguli, Sarah (BMC Public Health, 2014-09)
      Background: Childhood undernutrition is a major challenge in Uganda with a prevalence of wasting and stunting at 5% and 33%, respectively. Community and family practices of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses ...
    • Knowledge, Attitude, and Beliefs of Communities and Health Staff about Echinococcus granulosus Infection in Selected Pastoral and Agropastoral Regions of Uganda 

      Othieno, Emmanuel; Ocaido, Michael; Mupere, Ezekiel; Omadang, Leonard; Oba, Peter; Okwi, Andrew Livex (Journal of Parasitology Research, 2018-05)
      A descriptive cross-sectional survey was done to determine knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of the communities and health workers about cystic echinococcosis (CE) in pastoral region of Northeastern (NE) and agropastoral ...
    • Knowledge, attitudes and barriers to condom use among female sex workers and truck drivers in Uganda: a mixed-methods study 

      Matovu, Joseph K. B. (African Journals Online, 2013)
      Background: There is limited documentation on knowledge, attitudes and barriers to condom use among female sex workers (FSWs) and truck drivers (truckers). Objective: To explore knowledge, attitudes and barriers to condom ...
    • Knowledge, sources and use of family planning methods among women aged 15-49 years in Uganda: a cross-sectional study 

      Alege, Stephen Galla; Matovu, Joseph K. B.; Ssensalire, Simon; Nabiwemba, Elizabeth (Pan African Medical in partnership with the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET)., 2016-05-10)
      Introduction: Lack of knowledge of where to obtain correct family planning (FP) information and methods can be a critical barrier to eventual uptake of FP services. We assessed knowledge, sources and use of FP methods among ...
    • Kubonane mugamba 

      Agarwal, Tanya Luther (African Storybook Initiative, 2006)
      This book story tells the Life in the village where wild animals want to associate with human beings.
    • Kuchina 

      Nabire, Mary; Tessa, Welch (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      The book narrates the love and joy of dancing.
    • Kugabana Ekyenkani 

      Smith, Penelope; Venkatakrishnan, Hamsa (African Storybook Initiative, 2016)
      This is a children's story about the discipline of sharing equally among each other.
    • Kuma 

      Lamony, Maurice; Dlamini, Mlungisi (African Story Book Initiative, 2007)
      This book demonstrates a story of a young boy and girl who like so much to play different games