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    • Evaluation of Ugandan cassava germplasm for drought tolerance 

      Turyagyenda, Laban F.; Kizito, Elizabeth B.; Baguma, Yona; Osiru, David (International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences, 2013)
      Increased pressure on prime arable land for agriculture to meet food demand for global population has resulted in shifting agriculture to marginal areas where drought is frequent. Focusing research towards development of ...
    • Physiological and molecular characterization of drought responses and identification of candidate tolerance genes in cassava 

      Turyagyenda, Laban F.; Kizito, Elizabeth B.; Ferguson, Morag; Baguma, Yona; Agaba, Morris; Harvey, Jagger J. W.; Osiru, David S. O. (, 2013-02)
      Cassava is an important root crop to resource-poor farmers in marginal areas, where its production faces drought stress constraints. Given the difficulties associated with cassava breeding, a molecular understanding of ...