The integration of community engagement and outreach into teaching and learning, research and service at MUK, UCU and UMU in Uganda

This study was conducted to with the main objective being establishing the integration of CE&O into teaching and Learning, Research and Service at MUK, UCU and UMU universities in Uganda. The objectives of the study were ; to examine the models of CE&O used by Makerere, UCU and UMU universities , to establish how CE&O has been institutionalized by Makerere, UCU and UMU universities, to examine how CE&O has been integrated into research and teaching in Makerere, UCU and UMU universities. A cross sectional design was employed to provide a framework for data collection and analysis. A sequential mixed methods approach was employed, involving a successive application of both qualitative (Key Informant Interviews) and quantitative (questionnaire) data collection methods. Creswell et al (2004) argues that, mixed methods lend themselves to valuable opportunities for data triangulation. The findings clearly show that universities recognize CE&O as part of the university functioning albeit differences in emphasis with Makerere being more established in comparison to the newer universities UCU and Nkozi. Institutionalization of community engagement and outreach seems low among all the universities. The findings have shown that community engagement in research and community engaged service have the potential to improve teaching
Community engagement and outreach, Teaching and learning-MUK, UCU, UMU, Research services-MUK, UCU, UMU