Innovative teaching methodologies in higher education for targeted solutions

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Every year Ugandan universities train thousands of graduates, yet the unemployment rate has remained high and the challenges faced by children are sky rocketing. The gap between the training offered, the challenges faced by children and the skills needed in the job market seems too wide. The purpose of this report is to show how Uganda Christian University(UCU), department of child development and children Ministry is purposely working towards creating innovative teaching methodologies which are meant to enhance the curriculum for job creation and also improve the lives of children in Uganda. Through an innovative teaching methodology referred to as’ inclusive project teaching’, 27 third year bachelor of Child Development and Children Ministry(BCDCM) students participated in an E-book project which was integrated in the third year BCDCM curriculum. The result of this curriculum integration was the creation of 27 interactive E-books for children with the theme child protection
Interactive E-book project, Child Development and Children’s ministry, Project inclusive teaching