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    • Effect of the transposable element environment of human genes on gene length and expression 

      Jjingo, Daudi; Huda, Ahsan; Gundapuneni, Madhumati; Mariño-Ramǐrez, Leonardo; Jordan, I. King (Oxford University Press, 2011-02-28)
      Independent lines of investigation have documented effects of both transposable elements (TEs) and gene length (GL) on gene expression. However, TE gene fractions are highly correlated with GL, suggesting that they cannot ...
    • Prediction of transposable element derived enhancers using chromatin modification profiles 

      Huda, Ahsan; Tyagi, Eishita; Marino-Ramırez, Leonardo; Bowen, Nathan J.; Jjingo, Daudi; King Jordan, I. (PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science), 2011-11-07)
      Experimentally characterized enhancer regions have previously been shown to display specific patterns of enrichment for several different histone modifications. We modelled these enhancer chromatin profiles in the human ...